BLTA Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps


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  1. Posted by LittleBirdDear, — Reply

    post should be removed. Takes you to a website and good luck locating this recipe. This type of advertisement shouldnt be allowed.

  2. Posted by shainatanay, — Reply

    The link doesn’t take you to the recipe. It takes you to a website with a picture of the salad and another link, where I still couldn’t find the recipe.

  3. Posted by amyrland15, — Reply

    just cut and paste the name of the recipe, takes you to the same recipe but by allrecipes.

  4. Posted by dodie9180, — Reply

    ditto frustrating

  5. Posted by meeshlog, — Reply

    No recipe at link

  6. Posted by gallagher1225, — Reply


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